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Frequently asked questions

Do you have an open door policy?
At SNI Learning Center, we uphold an Open Door Policy to ensure transparency, trust, and communication between our staff, parents, and guardians. This policy means that parents and guardians are welcome to visit the center at any time during operating hours without prior notice. Whether you want to observe your child's activities, have a discussion with our staff, or simply check in, our doors are always open to you. 
How do you group children?
Usually, we assign your child’s placement based on age, but we also consider various other factors when forming classrooms. These considerations would include boy to girl ratio, diverse personalities, age, readiness, social emotional development, and more.
Do you conduct background checks on all your employees?
As Per NJ State regulations all employees at SNI Learning Center receive a CARI (Child Abuse Record Information) background check as well as fingerprints through the federal childcare database at the time of employment.
How do you cater to individualized learning? 
Customized learning in a preschool setting can take various forms, requiring patience, dedication, and strong organizational skills from the teacher. At SNI Learning Center it’s essential for the teachers to have sufficient time to observe each student and design lesson plans tailored to their individual needs. While maintaining a general lesson structure, setting specific goals for each student is necessary. Each child has unique learning preferences; for instance, one may thrive through auditory learning while another benefits from visual aids. Providing opportunities for each child to learn in their preferred manner fosters the confidence needed for independent learning.
Do children have to wear uniform?
 All children must wear uniforms, except on designated non-uniform days as outlined in our school calendar. We believe that uniforms foster a sense of belonging and nurture community spirit, embodying SNI’s commitment to inclusivity.
How often are toys, cots and classroom materials sanitized?
Toys and classroom materials are sanitized daily, while cots undergo weekly sanitation using EPA-approved disinfectants. Throughout the day, manipulatives are placed into a bin for sterilization. Teachers  follow a detailed checklist daily, signing off after cleaning to ensure thoroughness. Additionally, our housekeeper diligently upholds the overall appearance and cleanliness of the school premises.
How do you handle separation anxiety? 
The initial days of school can be challenging for some children. During this period, they will meet their new teachers and classmates, gradually becoming accustomed to school and classroom routines and expectations. 
Here are a few helpful tips: never attempt to leave while your child is engaged in an activity; always say goodbye with a kiss or hug and reassure them of your return. Teachers and the Director are available to assist any child facing a tough transition, and teachers will provide necessary feedback to parents throughout the process.

Separation anxiety is a normal developmental stage where children experience anxiety when separated from their parent. It's a gradual process, with some children experiencing no separation anxiety while others may feel anxious for weeks. Comforting the child and validating their emotions is important. Teachers manage separation by employing proven strategies such as classroom visitation, maintaining consistent schedules and routines, and fostering open and honest communication with parents.
What is the student to teacher ratio?
Every class at our  center is overseen by a qualified  early childhood educator alongside an experienced co-teacher. Additionally, we have "floaters" who move between classrooms to provide extra assistance when needed. It's our legal obligation at SNI Learning Center to maintain compliance with New Jersey's student-to-teacher ratio daily, while fostering secure small group environments for the well-being of both our students and staff. We prioritize academic support for every child within our classrooms. 

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